Security has been the main challenge in our country. It has made many people lack peace of mind. Insecurity in my community is brought about by lack of employment that has made many young youth to end up as a cartel of gang, this has led to no commotion between the people and police moreover it has led to lack of investigation between people and the police.

In my community many young people has lost their life in many different state and this has led to lack of youths in the community. My advice to the young people to look for something to do in life lather than engaging in things that will affect their future

We had   a boy who was a hard working man in my community but when he grow up end up with bad friends whom make him to destroy his life, he did not even appreciate the people who were around him moreover made him not to respect the authority because he was among the people who were attacking people at night and even killing them this made him and the group `



By keeping our body in tip top shape we can truly do GOD’S work the way HE intended if you suffer from hatred abuse your body with bad habit or find yourself do things you don’t understand your on value.

I believe that many people today are experiencing a self-respect crisis, this condition has to change in order for us to lead effective live .Many people engage their self in many a buses things such as early sexual behavior and even using drugs .In my community many young youth engage themselves in early sex behave at the age of 10 years and this has led to many abortion in my place and spread of HIV/AIDS from young one to old people especially the age of 15-40 years.

We have forgotten our worth as I mentioned early if you misunderstand your own importance of your body, take care of yourself seems pointless. You have a great future for you and you need to be ready for it.

I will wish if the government will engage the youth and educate them on such issue as a drug abuse HIV/AIDS and entrepreneurship, moreover engages in tree planting in the neighboring towns and creates awareness   on environment conservation at least to make the youth busy in the community.

I will wish if we come up  with a group to  help in the community  especially  teenagers’  by forming a youth camp  in an area and come  up   with  a discussion concerning sexual habit.



Am Metroline Musimbi Mabisi,  a twenty year Old woman.  I come from Nairobi Kenya specifically in Kawagware . I was born and raised in a family of seven in Lugare but shifted location to Nairobi where I undertook my primary and secondary education. Hopefully, I’ll be able to join Zetech College and study business management. This is because I want to be a respected business lady in the society.


When a free I like to socialize with people from different places to know more about their culture ,their background and different environments and see how I can cope with others. I’ve always admired my determination which makes me stand out among may even in my tribulations. I admire those who give me the inspiration to be the person that I am. My mom is everything to me, she gives me the keys to survival and I really appreciate everything she is doing to give us a decent life.


One thing that my tears cry out for is the way I see my fellow youth men taking hard drugs without knowing the repercussions. I would wish for a society that is free from the drug menace, one where we do not loose people where preventive and curative measures could have been taken to salvage the situation. I wish the government will live up to his mandate to his people.